Daylight Saving Time

Geographical spot of Tokyo is 35 degree north and 139 degree east. On the Winter Solstice Day in Tokyo Sun rises at 6:47am and sets at 4:31pm,daylight length is 9 hours 44 minutes. On the Summer Solstice Day Sun rises at 4:26am and sets at 7:00pm, daylight length is 14hours 35 minutes.
In North America the Daylight Saving Time (DST) starts in March and last till November. Japanese once introduced it during the American occupied era of right after the second World War but have never have done it. After 3/11 of Fukushima disaster there will be expected power shortage but seems no one is talking about introducing the DST.

I'm not sure about the saving of energy from the DST but it is obvious Japanese are wasting almost two hours of day light in summer as most of people don't wake up at 4:30am and sun sets at 7:00pm. It is hard to believe sun sets at as early as 7:00pm in the middle of summer. Most people enjoy the daylight after the work in Europe or North America but without DST it is very dark evening in Japan. They should apply DST of two hours instead of one hour all year round. Then Japanese can enjoy daylight until 6:30pm even in a middle of winter.

by urashimataroh | 2011-12-20 17:45