Public Transportation

When you ride subway, bus or any public transportation in Tokyo, people go through ticket wicket by just placing their IC card pass on the sensor. Sensor instantly shows how much money you have in your pass.
When you are getting off through the wicket, the sensor shows how much was the fare and how much left in your pass. You touch the sensor just one second. You don't need to pull out the card from your wallet. Just touch the sensor with your wallet. I have three or so other cards with IC chip in my wallet but it seems to be no problem.

TTC, Toronto Transit Commission, ride fare is $3 flat at the time of September 2011. Paying $3, you can go all the way wherever TTC route go. Switching from subway to bus, bus to subway or bus to bus are all included. You can go to your destination by changing all the routes without paying additional fare.
So it is very cheap if you go very long distance however it is very expensive if you go just one bus stop.

TTC increases fare almost every year but if they make one time investment of introducing IC card pass then they have some room to improve fare system.

by urashimataroh | 2011-12-19 14:40